Lango Province Kicks Off With Their Training At Akii-Bua Stadium A Head Of Quarter Finals

Lango Province team has on Wednesday, 14th September shifted their training ground from UTC Lira to Akii-Bua Stadium.

According to the reports most of the key players are back to the camp for their trainings a head of their encounter with the Bugisu Province.

So far 7 players travelled back to Lira to join their counterparts (including those at Blacks Power FC) for the residential training, 3 (Aliro Moses, Joachim Ojera & Omedi Denis) more players will join the camp on 18th Sept since they’re still engaged with their respective club duties.

Other players like Allan Okello & Musa Ramadan repoertedly will be flown back to the country to feature in the return Leg of quarter final at Akii-Bua Stadium.

Lango Province will have an encounter with the Bugisu Province on Saturday, 24th September 2022 in Mbale City for their first Leg in the Quarter finals.

Fans are advised to turn up in Large numbers to support the team and but Lango Province jerseys at only 50K, contact +256782300681.

Transport to Mbale is 35k, to and fro.

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