Lango Paramount Chief Urges Resumption of Cotton Growing for Improved Household Income

The esteemed Lango Paramount Chief, Mzee Yosam Odur Ebi, has issued a compelling call for the revival of cotton growing.

Once a thriving cash crop during the period spanning from the early 1960s to the 1990s, cotton has since fallen by the wayside due to unfavorable pricing and a lack of market accessibility.

Paramount Chief Yosam Odur Ebi, recognizing the current surge in cotton prices on the global market, envisions a resurgence of cotton farming in Lango. He highlights that the agricultural sector could significantly benefit from the addition of cotton to its range of cash crops.

Addressing the difficulty of farmers who have long abandoned cotton cultivation, Chief Ebi also appeals to the government to prioritize the rehabilitation of cotton processing facilities within the region as a vital step towards creating an open and accessible market for cotton produce.

John Alagi, a diligent farmer hailing from Kwania District, provides insights into the history of cotton in the region. He reveals that the discouragement with cotton growing in the early 1990s was prompted by the collapse of primary societies that once eased cotton trade. The absence of reliable markets dealt a demoralizing blow to farmers, leading to the eventual decline of cotton farming.

However, the Coordinator of the Cotton Development Organization in Apac District, Mr. Moses Barnaba, emphasizes the complicated significance of cotton cultivation. Barnaba emphasizes the importance of cotton as a versatile raw material that can cater to various industries.

Despite the undisputable potential of cotton, he acknowledges the challenge of international market fluctuations impacting its price, consequently affecting its production. This interrelation underscores the vulnerability of farmers to external market dynamics.

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