Ministry of Agriculture Launches Mechanization Program to Boost Production Across Sub-Counties

Ministry of Agriculture Initiates Groundbreaking Agricultural Mechanization Program to Transform Farming Practices Across Sub-Counties, Hand-held Tractors Delivered to Ajuri County.

In a move aimed at transforming agricultural practices, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries, and Fisheries has initiated the distribution of modern agricultural implements to mechanize farming in Uganda. The strategic plan involves providing hand-held walking tractors to every sub-county, with additional tractors and farm implements stationed at regional mechanization centers to cater to the needs of local farmers.

The distribution commenced in Ajuri county, where the ministry successfully delivered and handed over eight tractors to various sub-counties. These tractors, along with other farm implements, will be accessible to farmers in need through the regional mechanization centers, streamlining the process for those seeking mechanization support.

Hon. Denis Hamson Obua, the Government Chief Whip, highlighted the thoughtful effort by the government, led by President Museveni, to usher in more advanced agricultural technologies. Speaking on the initiative, he expressed optimism about the future inclusion of larger tractors for district support.

“…this marks a purposeful initiative by the NRM government, led by President Museveni, to provide crucial support to local communities. It encourages the adoption of more advanced technologies, with the introduction of hand-held tractors being a key aspect. We anticipate that, in the future, districts will receive further support, potentially involving larger tractors.” – Denis Hamson Obua, Government Chief Whip

Alex Birungi, the ministry’s engineer, explained that besides tractors, mechanization centers offer various services such as graders, motor graders, water bowsers, and land opening equipment for registered farmer groups, all of which are available free of charge.

“…At mechanization centers, in addition to accessing tractors, we offer a range of services. This includes graders, motor graders, maintenance of farm access roads, water bowsers, and specialized land opening equipment tailored for organized and registered farmer groups. These services are available to them free of charge.” – Alex Birungi, Assistant Engineer at MAAIF

Dorcus Acen, the Alebtong District Woman MP, emphasized the potential for the equipment to significantly boost production, aligning with the goals of the Parish Development Model. She expressed the aspiration to uplift local communities, enabling them to participate more actively in the economy.

Gillian Akullo, the District Residence Commissioner, pledged full support to ensure the effective utilization of the distributed machines, emphasizing collaborative efforts with community members for the program’s success.

Recognizing the challenges faced by farmers using traditional methods, David Ojom, CP LC III Amugu Sub-County, called for the extension of services to the parish level, echoing the sentiment that this would greatly benefit local farmers.

The establishment of an agricultural mechanization center in Agwata, Dokolo district, serving Lango, Acholi, and West Nile sub-regions, further underlines the government’s commitment to enhancing agricultural production in the country.

The handover ceremony in Ajuri County generated excited support from both locals and government officials, signalling hope for a shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture in the region.

Each distributed tractor, capable of ploughing three acres with minimal diesel usage, represents a significant stride towards increased productivity and economic growth utilizing only three liters of fuel daily.

It also extends beyond ploughing and can be used for water pumping, irrigation, milling, and trenching. The program focuses on smallholder farmers and farmer groups, aiming to improve land preparation and elevate overall agricultural production in the area.


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