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Kabuleta unveils NEED political party

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has on Monday, October 3 unveiled a political party called the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED)

According to Electoral Commission records, party was first registered on 7th October 2005 under the name People’s United Movement Party (PUM) but Kabuleta says he joined the PUM party two years ago before the presidential elections but chose to run as an independent for reasons he didn’t reveal.

Speaking to journalists at his party headquarters in Bugolobi, Kabuleta said that the founders of the party led by now its former president Shadrack Ogemba approached him with a proposal to join the party and also spearhead it upon realization that they shared the same objectives.

Kabuleta says, upon joining the party, it was also agreed that its name changes to NEED, a name under which he has been operating since declaring his intentions to contest for the presidency.

A delegate’s conference hosted at the party offices on Monday made amendments to the party constitution to adopt a new name, NEED and also elected Kabuleta as the party president.

Kabuleta says the electoral commission shall soon be informed of the changes as the law provides.

He adds that the party’s main agenda is to empower people economically so that they can sustain themselves hence the party’s slogan “Money in Your Pocket”.

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