Hon. Joy Ongom Vying for Kole Parliamentary Seat.

Former Lira Woman Legislator, Hon. Joy Atim Ongom, Announces Candidacy for Kole Representative in 2026 Parliament Elections

In a historic speech amidst the political buzz at Mayor’s Garden in Apac district on friday, former Lira Woman Legislator, Hon. Joy Atim Ongom, has revealed her intention to vie for the position of Kole Representative in the upcoming 2026 parliamentary elections.

Hon. Atim Ongom, renowned for her previous role as a legislator in the 10th Parliament, made this significant announcement during the midst of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) event, which was also graced by the presence of the party president also the Lira City East Member of Parliament, who is reportedly contemplating a presidential run in the 2026 general election.

At the gathering, Hon. Atim Ongom, expressed her disappointment in the past election where she narrowly missed securing the votes needed to represent the city. Her decision to shift her political ambitions towards Kole District reflects her dedication to continue serving the people of the region.

During her political speech, Hon. Atim Ongom did not specify whether she intends to run for the position of Constituency Member of Parliament or if she will be contesting in the Women’s Category.


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