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Harmony Prevails: North Kyoga Region Embraces a Tranquil & Joyous Christmas Celebrations.

SP Patrick Okema, the police spokesman in the North Kyoga region, reported that Christmas Day was marked by overall tranquility, with only four reported cases of death.

Providing updates on the festive season in the region, SP Okema highlighted the general peaceful atmosphere that enveloped North Kyoga.

The statement affirmed that Christmas festivities proceeded smoothly, devoid of any significant disruptions. Despite the overall calm, the region did experience isolated incidents, including accidents, murders, a fire outbreak, and the unfortunate unlawful wounding of an individual who opted to buy meat for a new relationship rather than for his family.

SP Okema assured the public that all these cases are being handled effectively by law enforcement. The celebrations were not without moments of joy, as A-Z Hotel treated the community to a spectacular fireworks display, generating considerable excitement.

According to SP Okema, the success of the peaceful celebration was attributed to meticulous planning by the Regional Police Commander (RPC) and his team, along with the collaboration of territorial police at the district level led by District Police Commanders (DPCs). Various proactive measures, such as community policing, impromptu operations, and foot and motorized patrols, contributed to maintaining order. The use of CCTV cameras in urban centers and highways proved instrumental, enabling command centers to alert ground commanders promptly.

He further expressed appreciation for the public’s cooperation in maintaining the spirit of peaceful celebration. He urged citizens to continue practicing neighborhood watch and emphasized the importance of timely reporting in case of any security concerns.

As the festive season continues, the authorities encourage a collective effort to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

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