Government Chief Whip Donates Wheelchairs to Persons with Disabilities in Alebtong.

Persons with disabilities in Alebtong district have appealed for support with assistive devices to enhance their mobility and access to social services. This appeal came as they received 30 wheelchairs from Hon. Denish Hamson Obua, the Ajuri Member of Parliament and also the Government Chief Whip with support from afriend.

Hon. Obua, touched by the plight of the disabled during his 2021 campaign rallies, emphasized the importance of aiding those with mobility challenges. He highlighted that the wheelchairs would facilitate access to hospitals, markets, and schools for the disabled individuals in Ajuri County.

Expressing gratitude, beneficiaries like Walter Ocero, a representative of People with Disabilities in Alebtong District, thanked Hon. Obua and urged the government to create more inclusive environments, particularly in health, educational settings.

Additionally, Mr. Awany Charles Acur emphasized the social benefits of the wheelchairs, emphasizing the importance of community integration for the disabled.

Fr. Francis Ogwang Abwang, Chairperson of Adwir Sub county, emphasized the need for continuous support, noting that the 30 wheelchairs provided only a fraction of the assistance required by the disabled population in the district.

Data from UBOS reveals that 22.1% of the population in Lango struggles with mobility issues, with 12.4% living with a disability. These statistics underscore the ongoing challenges faced by persons with disabilities, particularly in rural areas.

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