“Give Men Peace, Freedom,” Says First Lady on 50th Anniversary

Celebrating five decades of togetherness, Janet Kataaha Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda, offered a dose of light-hearted marital advice at a recent event commemorating her and President Museveni’s 50th anniversary.

Amidst the vibrant festivities held at Irenga farm in Ntungamo district, family and friends gathered to honor the enduring love story of Janet and President Museveni. Against the backdrop of rising divorce rates in Uganda, Janet’s words struck a chord, addressing a common issue with a touch of humor. She encouraged women to grant their husbands space, playfully remarking, “Give him peace. Just let him be.”

With a knowing smile, she acknowledged the age-old concern of men disappearing from home, stating, “And he (Museveni) knows, I don’t follow him, picking up things.”

President Museveni himself took the stage to laud his First Lady’s resilience and good humor. Amid the challenging years of the liberation struggle, he acknowledged his “permanent absenteeism,” while Janet remarkably managed the upbringing of their children. In jest, he celebrated her role as the “mother of children with a permanently absentee husband.”

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the couple’s son, injected a touch of wit into the proceedings. He playfully acknowledged his parents’ leadership, which not only safeguarded Uganda but also, he cheekily noted, “greatly increased” its population. He extended gratitude to all who joined in celebrating the jubilee alongside their family.

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo, the couple’s daughter, took attendees on a journey back to the year 1973 when her parents exchanged their vows amidst uncertainty and the fight for Uganda’s freedom. Reflecting on their enduring journey, she observed that time had ushered in more than just certainty – it brought growth, blessings, and love. In a light-hearted tone, she quipped, “God of restoration has restored everything for them.”

Throughout the event, the themes of enduring love and shared laughter remained ever-present. Janet and Museveni, having navigated five decades together, emerged as a beacon of a marriage colored by humor, understanding, and the wisdom to grant husbands the space they need, as Janet humorously advised. Amidst celebration and reflection, the golden jubilee served as a reminder of the strength that lies in unity and the power of weathering life’s challenges hand in hand.

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