Eddy Kenzo Expresses Displeasure Over Radio Show Comments Regarding His Education and Leadership Role

Eddy Kenzo has expressed his disappointment with Mr. Henrie, a presenter on Galaxy FM, following comments made during a recent talk show that questioned Kenzo’s education and suitability for the position of President of the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

During the show, Mr. Henrie reportedly challenged an artist under the Federation about their choice of Kenzo as a leader, citing concerns about Kenzo’s lack of formal education. This visibly upset the award-winning artist, who perceived the comments as undermining his ability to hold a leadership role.

“That thing pained me a lot. The same presenter invited me to his show later, but I turned him down,” Kenzo stated in response to the incident. He believes that such comments contribute to the constant negativity he has faced from the media throughout his 15-year music career.

Kenzo alleges that some reporters are paid to ask questions intended to portray him in a negative light. “You find that there is a reporter who is in your face wherever you turn; they are following you everywhere,” he said. “And whatever chance they get to ask you a question, it is always in the interest of other people who sent him.”


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