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Dax Kartel Doubts Impact of Uganda National Musician Federation led by Sheebah and Eddy Kenzo.

Musician Dax Kartel expressed his doubt about the newly formed Uganda National Musician Federation (UNMF), led by fellow musicians Sheebah Karungi and Eddy Kenzo.

According to Dax Kartel, the federation is unlikely to make any significant impact on the music industry.

Dax Kartel stated that he believes the federation will benefit individuals instead of the industry as a whole. He also argued that the industry needs more leaders with expert knowledge, rather than relying solely on entertainers.

Furthermore, when discussing copyright law, Dax Kartel highlighted that there is already a law in place, but it’s facing an invisible force that is hindering its success. Thus, he believes that the UNMF won’t be able to make headway with this issue.

Despite his concerns, Dax Kartel remains optimistic about the future of the music industry. However, he doesn’t believe that progress will be made during this era. Only time will tell if the UNMF can prove him wrong and bring positive changes to the Ugandan music industry.

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