Deputy IGG Highlights Youth Role in Anti-Corruption Efforts at Rotaract Fellowship in Lira

The Deputy Inspector General of Government (IGG), Patricia Achan Okiria has emphasized on the critical role of youth in combating corruption during her address at the Rotaract Northern Uganda Clusters fellowship on Saturday.


The event brought together young Rotaractors dedicated to community service and leadership across Northern region. In her speech, Achan underscored the importance of youth engagement in promoting transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption initiatives.

“My being here today is to inspire and motivate the young Rotaractors in the war against corruption and challenge them to come up with their contributions, especially on issues of promoting transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption,” she stated.

“The fight against corruption is a multifaceted one that requires a holistic approach where all people put their heads together. I encourage young people, wherever you see any sign of corruption, please report it.” IGG Achan adds.

Following the fellowship, Achan visited Anyomorem Primary School, highlighting the urgent need for support to improve educational facilities. She called on leaders to collaborate in enhancing learning environments. “It’s a call for action that leaders should join hands and support institutions of learning like Anyomorem Primary School, where learners are sitting on the floor. You can see the quality of the structures; if it rains with strong wind, I don’t think any learning can take place in structures like this,” Achan observed.

During the visit, Rotaractors echoed Achan’s call to action, urging community members and leaders to participate actively in service-oriented projects.

The Rotaract group donated desks and tree seedlings to Anyomorem Primary School, addressing some of the immediate needs of the institution.


The school’s head teacher, Aladi Harriet highlighted the challenges they face noting, “We have a very high enrollment of about 1,000 pupils and only 16 staff members, but we have only two staff houses. This means most of our teachers operate from outside, which makes time management very poor.”

Founded in 1968, Rotaract clubs unite individuals aged 18 and above for community leadership, skill development, idea exchange, and service-oriented enjoyment. This event in Lira is a testament to their ongoing commitment to societal improvement and youth empowerment in Uganda.


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