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Top 5 Deejays In Lira City

5 – Dj Enock
Currently works at Riders Comfort located in Teso bar. He was crowned Best Dj of the year in the annual Lango Entertainment Award in 2018.
4 – Dj Val
Currently works at Vintage Lounge Lira one of the Best Hangouts in Lira City.
He gained much audience before the outbreak of the popular COVID-19 when he was playing at Club Angles Royal.
He was crowned Best Dj Lango Entertainment Awards 2019 and was awarded with an accolade.
Appeared in One Dj battle but has not yet won any Open Dj battle in Lira though he made great achievements, was hosted in an International TV NBS TV in the hitmaker show.
He is also a radio personality attached one of the oldest Radio stations in Lango Subregion, Radio Waa and set to celebrate his 10 years in Deejaying and on radio.

3 – Dj Anko Fiffz
He is an underground DJ known for his scratching skills. Won a Dj Battle in 2019 at Mayors Garden organized by City Sounds and he took the first position therefore he was awarded UGX 1m. He is the official Dj Lango Entertainment Awards.
He also gained auidiance before the outbreak of COVID-19 though his whatsap mistakes that earned him alot of followers.
He is one of the Deejays who love supporting and naturing young talents owning a record label, Capstone Music Inc.
2 – Dj Young
He is currently attached to Wan luo TV hosting Kwarate TV Show that runs from 5PM to 7PM Monday to Friday.
He Appeared once in a Dj Battle (WHO IS WHO) 2019 that was organized by Bell Lager at Club Angels and he was awarded by an accolade & UGX 500,000 as he took the first position.
He Was hosted and appeared on NBS TV in 2019 in the hitmaker djs show.
1 – Dj Khazo
He is the C.E.O Humble Djs, Currently working at Vintage Lounge-Lira. He won the annual Who is Who Dj Battle at Club Angles in 2018, was awarded with UGX 500,000 and a Job at Club Angels.
He was also hosted on NBS TV Hitmaker djs show in 2019.
He battled with Top djs in Northern Uganda in 2020 at Front Page Lounge in Northern Uganda and pulled crowd more than anyone else. Currently the news in town among partiers is Dj khazo.

It should be noted that, Lira being a developing City, there are also other talented Deejays that should not be underrated.

They are,
Deejya Mali, he’s one of Veterants who plays at Amazon Pub.
Deejay Blaq

Deejay Tompoo

Deejay Bash
Deejay Cobra Legacy who plays at Space Lounge Lira,
Deejay Stex attached to Amazon Pub,
Deejay Simple DIckens attacked to City Sounds and Lango Province’s offical Deejay,
Deejay Drake Opio attached to Sleek Events,
Deejay Swizz (Feroz Lounge),
Deejay Mosh (Secrete Lounge),
C’lekta Bhendril (Achievers Lounge),
Deejay Payasam (Amazon Pub)
Deejay Willz
Deejay Felix (Magaritha Palace Hotel)
Deejay Gomez (Riders Comfort)

Deejay Shad currently based in Kampala.

Deejay Young rule.

Deejay Steve.

Deejay shine and among others.

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