Bishop Olwa Urges Graduates to Embrace Continuous Learning and Professional Growth

Graduation is not the end goal, but rather a beginning of a greater journey in life.” This was the message that Rt. Rev. Prof. Alfred Olwa, the Bishop of Lango Diocese and Chairperson of the Uganda Christian Institute, emphasized during the first graduation ceremony of the Nursing and Midwifery Campus in Lira City.

In his speech, Bishop Olwa urged the graduates to embrace the spirit of research and continuously increase their knowledge and skills.

He stressed that the world they are moving into is highly competitive, and they need to give themselves a competitive advantage through further training.

The bishop encouraged the graduates to explore opportunities to grow their professions and not be satisfied with the status quo. He prayed for them to navigate the world with grace and confidence, using their education and training to make meaningful contributions to society.

A total of 1,857 health officials were awarded certificates and diplomas at the graduation ceremony. Among the graduates were 1,077 females and 780 males in comprehensive nursing, Nursing, and Midwifery.

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