Arua Based Onduparaka FC Relegated From U.Premier League.

Onduparaka Football Club has been relegated from the StarTimes Uganda Premier League after suffering a 1-0 defeat in their match against Maroons.

The game, which took place on tuesday at Luzira, saw Darius Ojok of Maroons score the winning goal in the 19th minute.

Unfortunately for Onduparaka, this loss puts them at the bottom of the table with just 16 points. They are nine points adrift from the safety position and have only six more points left to fight for.

Onduparaka had previously been promoted in the 2015/16 season alongside Busoga United, Kirinya Jinja SS, and Proline. While Busoga United stunned hosts Arua Hill in Barifa with a 4-1 victory, Onduparaka could not muster enough points to avoid relegation.

Onduparaka Football Club is a Ugandan football club that was founded in October 2011, making it 11 years old as of 2023. The team is based in Arua and plays its home matches at the AbaBet Greenlight Stadium.

Formed Joe Erema and Benjamin Nyakuni, who had graduated from Makerere University Business School. Originally, the club was intended to benefit students and young people and enable them to play in inter-village competitions.

Known for their distinctive green and white striped jerseys, Onduparaka FC is affectionately nicknamed “The Green Caterpillars” due to their unique play style and formation on the pitch.

The name “Onduparaka” itself means “sorghum stem” in the Lugbara language, which reflects the team’s roots in the West Nile region of Uganda. The club’s motto is “The struggle continues,” embodying their determination and perseverance both on and off the field.

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