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APAC: Man Ordered to Bring a Cow & UGX 300,000 After Selling Neighbour’s Puppy.

A 38-year-old man named Tonny Odic a resident of Along “A” Village in the Chegere sub-county in Apac District was caught stealing a puppy from his neighbor’s house.

Last week, Odic allegedly stole a puppy from his neighbour’s house and sold it for Shs5,000 to a friend.

The area LC 1 chairman, Luzino Omara, ordered Odic to return the puppy to its rightful owner and pay one cow as compensation for the theft.

In addition, he was asked to pay “sitting” allowances to the residents who attended the village court, amounting to Shs300,000.

According to reports, theft has been a recurring issue in the neighbourhood, with goats, pigs and chickens also being stolen in the past. The punishment meted out to Odic is seen as a warning to others who may consider engaging in similar acts of theft.

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