Allowances for Military Guards Scrapped Off

President Museveni has banned the practice of giving allowances and renting for soldiers on guard duties. This follows the recent killing of State Minister of Labour Col Charles Okello Engola by his bodyguard Wilson Sabiiti, which has raised concerns about the quality of training and mental health of security personnel.

Speaking at the eulogy of Col Engola at Kololo Independence Grounds, President Museveni stated that military guards should only be supplied with food and tents from the guard battalion.

He argued that the country cannot afford to pay high allowances to soldiers on guard duties and that this was turning them into mercenaries rather than defenders of the nation.

The practice of giving allowances to soldiers on guard duties had become common, with some soldiers reportedly receiving amount ranging from 300,000 to Shs500,000 per month.

President Museveni noted that this was unsustainable and went against the philosophy of the Ugandan military, which emphasizes the importance of discipline, patriotism, and self-sacrifice.

He further emphasized that soldiers should receive a small pay in the barracks, which they can share with their families. He argued that the focus should be on providing soldiers with adequate food, shelter, and equipment, rather than cash incentives.

The president also questioned the logic of paying allowances to bodyguards but not to soldiers fighting in neighboring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The ban on allowances and renting for soldiers on guard duties is expected to reduce the financial burden of maintaining military personnel in Uganda.

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