Minister, MPs intervene in Amolatar District land dispute

The government is currently investigating a land dispute in Namasale Town Council, Amolatar District, which recently led to riots and property destruction.

The conflict centers around the ownership of 100 acres of land, with the residents of Bungu Cell opposing Juliet Katushabe’s claim that the land belonged to her deceased father.

In response to the escalating situation, the Minister for Local Government, Hon. Raphael Magyezi, held a meeting with local leaders and counterparts from Nakasongola District to find a lasting solution to the dispute.

During a media briefing, Magyezi explained that Katushabe has previously made claims in the area, leading to suspicions of ulterior motives. If her claims are legitimate, the government will take steps to secure them, but if they are proven to be false, appropriate action will be taken.

Magyezi also stated that the perpetrators of crimes committed during the riots will be thoroughly investigated and held accountable. The concerns about the impact of the demonstrations were brought to the attention of Prime Minister Robinah Nabanjja by Hon. Noah Mutebi, the Nakasongola County MP. This prompted a meeting to be convened in order to address the impasse.

Rioters in Namasale took to the streets on July 16, 2023, after learning of Katushabe’s alleged plans to evict residents. The demonstrations resulted in looting, property destruction, and injuries to locals, particularly affecting residents of Zengebe Landing Site in Nakasongola District. Hon. Mutebi called on the district security committees in Amolatar and Nakasongola to compile a list of those affected so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Hon. Moses Okot, Kioga County legislature said a letter to hold a meeting with Namasale residents, written by Katushabe’s lawyers, Eyotre & Company Advocates, was not done in consultation with the district leadership.

“The actions by Katushabe are a manifestation of land grabbing cartels. Preliminary reports indicate that Eyotre does not exist and thus punitive measures should be taken by the Law Council and the Uganda Law society,” said Okot.

Hon. James Olobo, Kioga North County legislature called on residents of Amolatar district to be cautious about their land.

“I warn our people to be careful with their land. There are people who are trying to grab land in the interest of compensation from government because of upcoming projects,” Olobo warned.

Geoffrey Ocen, the Chairperson, Amolatar District Local Government, pinned the Officer in Charge (OC) of Namasale Police Station for linking Katushabe to the land in question.

“He is the one who distributed the letter from Katushabe and he misguided the district security committee. We resolved that the OC be arrested and prosecuted accordingly,” Ocen added.

Hon. Benard Sekyanzi, the Budyebo County MP, reiterated the call for residents of Nakasongola District to allow the government to intervene in land conflicts. It is hoped that government mediation will lead to a resolution in the ongoing dispute and help restore peace and stability in the area.




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