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Apac District: Businessman Commits Suicide by Hanging, Leaving Community in Shock

Apac District was left in shock following a report of suicide by hanging involving a prominent businessman a proprietor of Denob Supermarket.

According to reports received by the North Kyoga Police, the deceased, Obete Denish, a resident of Temago Ward, Arocha Division in Apac Municipality, left his wife a one Akullu Jane in their bedroom on the night of the 16th of May, 2023 around10:00 PM and went to the side of the supermarket.

According to his wife, He did not return until around 4:00 a.m. on May 17, 2023 as she attempted to reach him on his phone but received no response but she discovered her husband hanging by a rope, dead after conducting a search.

Akullo immediately made an alarm, and people gathered around to see what had happened. The police were notified and arrived shortly after.

After visiting the scene, the police registered a report of suicide under SD REF.02/17/5/2023 and proceeded to pick up the body, which was later conveyed to the APAC mortuary for postmortem examination and relevant statements were recorded as part of the investigation, according to the North kyoga Police Spoke Person, SP. Jimmy Patrick Okema

The deceased’s body has since been handed over to the relatives for burial arrangements.

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