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“Patients Is The Key To Everything You Do…” Christopher Tin

Waloyo Yamoni is a song done by Christopher Tin that says patients is key to everything you are doing.

This song will leave you wondering how Luo can dominate the whole world with it’s history of rain making Prayer song.

Patients is key to everything you are doing.

10 years down the road and no body in Lango knew the song Waloyo Yamoni (We overcome the wind) by Christopher Tin.

Waloyo Yamoni was released in 2013 from the Album , “The Left Coast”.

The song is most sang Lango, a Northern Ugandan dialect.

“Most of the lyrics of my pieces are taken from old texts,” Tin says. “So in the case of Waloyo Yamoni, this way an old Lango rainmaking prayer.”

The song features South Africa’s Soweto Gospel Choir and, like the rest of the album, was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

“The message [of the album] is that, essentially, in the coming century water, and water management, is going to be the most important global issue to all people and across all countries,” Tin says, “Between melting Antarctic ice sheets and rising ocean levels and droughts and increased devastation from hurricanes and so forth, water is literally going to shape the way we draw our maps.”

Besides his two albums, Tin also scores films and video games. In fact, he won one of his Grammies for a song, “Baba Yetu,” that he wrote for a video game. He’s the only person ever to claim that distinction.

Listening to Tin’s music, you will be triggered by images of grand Disney scenes, cartoon lions bounding across the open savannah — and not in a bad way.

That’s not too surprising — Tin counts Disney scores as one of his influences, and he interned for Hans Zimmer, the man who composed the music for The Lion King.

Tin says he writes dramatic music, because, well, he’s dramatic. And so his classical music.

“It takes you on a journey like no other form of music can,” Tin says. “I don’t personally believe in being coy with my emotions. I would rather just lay it all out there and just go for it. Maybe I do have a flair for a bit of the dramatic.”

Kudos to this man for keeping our History of rain making through his song Waloyo Yamoni.

So to our artists out there, trying to copy will not take us far but being original will lead us somewhere no matter the delays of success.

Its just like, “Atema, pe neko jo”, (Temptations that does not kill) The storm will always calm down.

Enjoy the Song.

Compiled by Brian Opio, Lira.

Lyrics to Waloyo Yamoni

Waloyo Yamoni – ‘We Overcome the Wind’

Waloyo Yamoni
‘We Overcome the Wind’
(inspired by rain)

Sung in Lango
From a rainmaking litany

Performed by Soweto Gospel Choir, the Angel City
Chorale & Schola Cantorum with Anonymous 4,
Dulce Pontes, Nominjin, Roopa Mahadevan,
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Kardeş Türküler,
Shoji Kameda & the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Waloyo yamoni. (Waloyo.)
Wan wamito kot ochwe, oony akirok chutok

Oami! In, kot, alami ichwe. Ka i chwe, beber.

Ka monwa olelo (ber)
Ka atino oleo (ber)
Ka awobi owero (ber)
Ka adwong olelo (ber)

Eryamita ka jigi jigi.
Eryam, alech alelech.
Ka kot adok Burutok
Ka yamo adok Burutok
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Ilech i dula.
Kalwa opong dero.


We overcome this wind. (We overcome.)
We desire the rain to fall, that it be poured in showers

Ah! Thou rain, I adjure thee fall. If thou rainest, it
is well.

If our women rejoice (it is well)
If the children rejoice (it is well)
If the young men sing (it is well)
If the aged rejoice (it is well)

A drizzling confusion.
Confusion, a torrent in flow.
If the rain veers to the south
If the wind veers to the south

An overflowing in the granary.
May our grain fill the granaries.

Translation by J. H

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