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Eezzy Stands Firm on Singing in Luo Amidst Pressure


Renowned Acholi musician Opoka Eric popularly known as Eezzy, has reaffirmed his commitment to singing in his local language (Luo) amidst growing pressure to switch to other languages to expand his reach.

Eezzy, who has been making waves across Uganda with his unique style and captivating Luo lyrics, took to his Facebook page to address the issue. In a bold statement, he declared “I will never and it will never happen for me to stop singing in my own language (Luo) or downgrade my language in music.”

The singer expressed disappointment at the suggestions he’s received in private messages to change his language to achieve greater success. He emphasized the importance of his mother tongue, stating, “It’s like biting the fingers that fed me, and it’s so disappointing.”


Acknowledging the advice he is receiving, Eezzy remained determined in his decision, stating, “Thanks for the advice. I can sing in other languages but can’t abandon my mother language Luo. Luo is my first priority and the rest follow.”

Reaffirming the importance of cultural pride and authenticity in the Ugandan music industry, Eezzy ended using the hashtag #LebWaMit, which translates to “My Heart’s Desire” in Luo.



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