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OYAM DISTRICT: Woman MP’s Selfless Act Aims to Improve Safety and Service Delivery

The Oyam District Woman Parliament (MP), Hon. Alum Santa Ogwang has sacrificed her salary of UGX 80 million to fuel equipment for road maintenance in the district. The move comes as the Iceme-Aloni to Corner-Gar road, spanning approximately 11 kilometers, had worsened to a dangerous state, posing risks to the lives of road users and hindering service delivery in the area.

Motivated by her firsthand experience of the terrible condition of the road and the numerous accidents that have occurred as a result, Alum Santa Ogwang decided to take action. Her sacrifice aims to address the pressing need for better road infrastructure, which has been negatively impacting the district for some time.

Previously, the district used to struggle with a budget of 300 million shillings allocated to maintain around 502 kilometres of roads, and Alum noted that this inadequate allocation has made it challenging to keep the roads in good condition, further exacerbating the problems faced by residents.

However, there is newfound hope for improved road maintenance in Oyam District as the central government and parliament have made adjustments to funding mechanisms, increasing the allocation for all districts.

Each district is now expected to receive UGX 1 billion, providing a substantial boost to rehabilitation and maintenance efforts. Alum Santa Ogwang believes this increased funding will go a long way in effectively tackling the road issues in the district.

Expressing his gratitude, District Chairperson Benson Dilla Oyuku called upon the district road committee to establish “road gangs” responsible for regular maintenance.

He emphasized that without proper roads, the facilities and services edlivery within the district would be rendered irrelevant. Dilla also applauded MP Alum Santa Ogwang for her dedication and efforts in ensuring the necessary improvements are made.

However, not all is rosy on the road maintenance front. The Resistance District Commissioner of Oyam, William Komakeck, expressed his displeasure with certain contractors’ work on the road connecting to Otwal.

He warned against engaging in shadow works and urged contractors to uphold high standards and integrity in their projects.

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