Talent Speaks for Itself: BeePee Praises Vismon’s Music Style and Natural Vocal Ability

In the world of music, talent often speaks for itself. This is certainly true for Vismon Choice, a young artist who has caught the attention of one of Northern Uganda’s top musicians, BeePee.

Known as the most talented RnB singer in Northern Uganda, BeePee recently commented on Vismon’s music, praising his natural talent and great vocals.

BeePee believes that Vismon’s music style and talent are amazing, and that he deserves to be discovered by real fans. However, he also noted that success in the music industry requires hard work and dedication. According to BeePee, Vismon needs to work extra hard to get the recognition he deserves.

When asked about the challenges in music and life that he would like to remind Vismon of, BeePee emphasized the importance of financial stability. He reminded Vismon that even famous artists still need money to maintain themselves, and encouraged him not to shy away from opportunities that can help him earn a living, even if they may not seem glamorous.

“He needs to know that no matter how famous you are, you will still need money to maintain you as a person and or artist, so whatever can get you money, never shy away from doing it because of the fear people will laugh at you.” BeePee to Vismon.

BeePee further stressed the importance of humility, noting that even mysterious people could prove to be valuable allies.

“Always stay humble with everyone because even Mysterious People could be of great help.” BeePee noted.

Vismon Choice is a popular Afroswing, dancehall artist hailing from Northern Uganda. He gained recognition for his hit song “Kiti” and continues to wow audiences with his latest tracks including “Amara,” “Stahere,” “Tam,” “Atidi,” “Cunya,” “Inside,” and “That Gyal.”

Vismon has collaborated extensively with his elder brother Horvets, creating some unforgettable music together.

In 2023, Vismon released his most recent project, “Simba,” which dropped on February 19th. The official music video was released just a week after the single’s release, captivating fans.


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