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Security Recovers Vandalized Electricity Transmission Equipment.

By Brian Opio Innocent

Security in Lira city has covered vandalized electricity transmission equipment, in Angwetangwet Lira city through close supervision of Lawrence Egole, The Resident City Commissioner of Lira City.

Three suspects have been arrested after they were found in possession of electricity transmission cables and galvanized steel cut into pieces.

The recovered equipment were, 1 DVR Security Camera, HDMI 1 Cable, Solar Battery Deca Solar, Motor serial number 0059190HZ, among others.

The suspects, according to Lira Resident City Commissioner Lawrence Egole, had established a melting facility where the transmission cables are melted and deformed to make them unrecognizable.

“We have spent the whole Sunday with the team of security in Lira City recovering vandalized electricity transmission equipment, vandalism is an enemy number one in this country, the suspects are already with us, and recovery still going on”, says Lawrence Egole.

At least two trucks of vandalized electricity transmission materials were recovered after a search at the private residence of the suspects. However, security is yet to establish where these vandalized electricity transmission materials were being sold.

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