Ms. Alaba: Road Safety Campaign in Dokolo Aims to Tackle Rising Accidents

In light of the alarming rise in road accidents, particularly during festive seasons like Easter, a proactive road safety campaign has been launched in Dokolo. The initiative, spearheaded by concerned citizens and led by Ms. Alaba Charity, Miss Tourism Northern Region 22/23, aims to address the root causes of accidents and promote responsible road use.

According to the 2022 Uganda Police Force (UPF) annual report, the nation witnessed a significant increase in road accidents, with 20,394 cases recorded in 2022, up from the previous year’s 17,443 incidents. Disturbingly, these accidents resulted in 22 fatalities for every 100 crashes, painting an ugly picture of road safety. Reckless driving was identified as the leading contributor, accounting for 61 percent of all accidents.

In a bid to understand the causes and find effective solutions, the campaign organizers engaged local stakeholders, including boda boda riders and pedestrians.

Akello Grace Ogwang, Chairperson of the Dokolo Drivers’ Association, pointed out that over speeding, drunk driving, and disobedience of traffic rules were key culprits behind accidents in Dokolo. Her proposed solutions revolved around advocating against over speeding, driving under the influence, using mobile phones while driving, and adhering to traffic regulations.

Odongo Rashid, a boda-boda rider, highlighted the dangers posed by drunk pedestrians and narrow roads. He called for government intervention to widen roads, enforce stricter alcohol consumption laws, and provide education on road signs and traffic rules. Other boda-boda riders echoed Rashid’s concerns, emphasizing the importance of widened roads, proper truck parking, and improved understanding of road signs.

Moreover, suggestions for better practices were not limited to road users. An interviewee stressed that traffic officers should exercise caution when stopping motorists, avoiding abrupt maneuvers that might lead to accidents. Everyone was urged to take responsibility, maintain discipline, and ensure adequate spacing between vehicles to prevent collisions.

The quality of road infrastructure also came into focus, with poor road conditions, such as the Amolatar road, flagged as contributors to accidents. Insufficient training for some motorists further exacerbated the risks. The introduction of surveillance cameras to deter road misuse was proposed as a measure to enhance safety.

The absence of adequate road signs and the presence of roadside vendors, often with children playing in hazardous areas, were identified as additional factors contributing to accidents. The campaign emphasized the need for increased road signage and encouraged all road users to uphold self-discipline and responsibility.

The road safety campaign’s mission aligns with a broader goal to reduce the prevalence of accidents and fatalities in Uganda. Ms. Alaba Charity’s proactive approach and collaboration with local stakeholders shed light on critical areas for improvement, paving the way for a safer road environment.

As the campaign gains momentum, Ms. Alaba calls upon all the willing stakeholders to take part in this campaign that was launched in April 2023 in Dokolo District.

Ms. Alaba Charity 

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