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Regional Mobilizers of Muhoozi Army Responds to Rumors of Gen. Muhoozi’s Visit to Lango.

The Regional “Muhoozi Army” mobilizers on friday held a press briefing at Days Inn Guest House in Lira City, to respond to the anticipated visit by the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations (SPA/SO) General Kainerugaba Muhoozi to Lango Sub-region.

The rumors of General Muhoozi’s visit have spread rapidly over the past four days, with the regional Spokes Person, Rolex Akena Ogwal receiving frequent phone calls seeking clarity on the matter.

Akena addressed rumors stating that they are not aware of any scheduled appointment for Gen. Muhoozi to visit Lira or any part of Lango Sub region, despite it is already in plan to have him visit as he did in Acholi Subregion in late March.

Akena reaffirmed that their group is the original mobilizers for Muhoozi’s presidential candidacy in the upcoming 2026 elections and urged the public to remain calm.

He assured them that the Muhoozi Army is still in the process of grassroots mobilization in the region and welcoming all individuals interested in joining to register. He noted that Gen. Muhoozi will come at an appropriate time and will be publicized when the time comes.

Maxwell Ebong, the Lango Regional Coordinator of the Muhoozi Army, emphasized their commitment to defending the ideology of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and protecting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s image under the NRM flag.

He clarified that their participation in the Muhoozi Army is voluntary and unpaid, urging those who join not to have high expectations.

Martin Odur, the Ghetto Youth Representative in the Muhoozi Army, expressed their readiness to participate in community development initiatives and give full support to the Gen. Muhoozi presidency when the time comes.

Mr. Odur noted that over the past years, people have always missuesd the abilities of those in the Ghettos leaving them with no positive impact after fulfilling their missions.

Patrick Odongo, also known as Mr. Odongo Lango, in charge of Mobilizations, reported success in mobilizing foot soldiers, with over 800 registered members in Lango Sub region and 8.9 million foot soldiers across Uganda.

He noted that their registrations at village level is coming to completion as they are left with only a few districts citing, Lira City West, Otuke, Lira District and Amolatar.

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