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PDM LIRA: Concerns Raised Over Conflicting Guidelines, Need for Stakeholder Involvement

Lira City and Lira District have commenced the disbursement of funds under the Parish Development Model (PDM) initiative, which aims to improve the livelihoods of communities.

However, local leaders in Lira have expressed concerns about the issuing of different guidelines by various implementing bodies, leading to confusion and increased challenges in their work.

Sam Atul, the Mayor of Lira City, voiced his cobcerns on the multiple guidelines that contradict each other, urging the implementing bodies to involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process of the PDM. He emphasized the importance of clear and consistent guidelines to ensure smooth implementation of the initiative.

Hon. Linda Agness Auma, the Lira District’s woman member of parliament, echoed similar sentiments, stating that the different guidelines make the work tiresome. She called upon the government and the implementing bodies to allocate a budget to facilitate project activities and streamline the process.

Hon Auma further urged the implementing body to prioritize insuring the beneficiaries’ projects from natural disasters saying would protect the investments made by the beneficiaries and safeguard their progress from unforeseen events.

During the launch event for Lira City, RCC Lira City Lawrence Egole, representing the Minister of Local Government, Hon Raphael Magyezi, emphasized the significance of responsible fund management. He warned the beneficiaries against mismanaging the funds and stressed the need for accountability.

As the disbursement of funds begins, many beneficiaries are optimistic about the positive impact it will have on their income levels and project expansions. They say this support is an opportunity to boost their projects and businesses encouraging members of the community not to neglect any government programs that can contribute to their development of their wellbeing.

In terms of financial allocation, Lira City has received an amount of 3.3 billion shillings, with approximately 3,300 individuals expected to benefit from this fund. During the launch event, a total of 281 beneficiaries received their allocated funds, marking the beginning of financial assistance for their respective projects.

Similarly, Lira District has been allocated over 3.3 billion shillings, and 210 beneficiaries received the funds during the launch. These funds will contribute to uplifting households from the subsistence economy to the money economy, as envisioned by the Parish Development Model.

Under the PDM, in the current financial year 2023/2024, the government has allocated approximately 1.1 trillion Shillings. The focus of this funding will primarily be on agricultural enterprises, including coffee, beans, maize, dairy farming, and poultry keeping. By supporting these sectors, the government aims to uplift 3.5 million households from subsistence farming to sustainable income-generating activities.

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