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Alebtong District Receives UGX 6.9 Billion Under Parish Development Model to Benefit 69 SACCO Groups

Alebtong District joins the rest of the districts in Lango sunregion to start the disbursement of the Parish Development Model (PDM) funds joining Amolatar, Liar District and Lira City.

The District has received a substantial boost for local development with the allocation of UGX 6.9 billion under the Parish Development Model (PDM). This funding is set to benefit 69 parish Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) within the district.

The PDM, a government initiative launched by President Yoweri Museveni in February 2022, aims to uplift 3.5 million households from subsistence farming and poverty into the money economy. As part of the program, each parish will receive one hundred million shillings annually for a duration of four years.

During the official launch of the disbursement of funds in Alebtong on Friday, it was announced that 19 out of the estimated 33,000 households in the District have been cleared to access the financial support. However, the majority of households are still awaiting approval to access the funds.

Government Chief Whip and Ajuri Member of Parliament, Hon. Hamson Obua, expressed his belief that this investment will play a crucial role in alleviating poverty within the district just like other regions. The infusion of funds is expected to empower local communities, encourage entrepreneurship, and stimulate economic growth.

The PDM is a strategic approach by the Ugandan government to promote sustainable development at the grassroots level. By providing financial resources directly to SACCOs in each parish, the model aims to foster economic self-reliance, improve livelihoods, and create opportunities for long-term prosperity.

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