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OYAM: Young Emma’s Unconventional Christmas Celebration at MC Rose Christmas Cup

As the world and Christians celebrated Jesus Christ’s birth on December 25th, Northern Uganda’s standout comedian, Young Emma Comedy, experienced double blessings, celebrating both Christmas and his birthday on the same day.

This year, he broke tradition by celebrating outside his usual surroundings at Aber Primary School in Oyam District.

Young Emma Comedy took the stage as a guest performer at the yearly MC Rose Christmas Cup football gala, entertaining attendees with his distinctive “Amut Okio Acil” news anchoring comedy.

His performance brought laughter and smiles to the audience, adding a unique touch to the event that featured both junior and senior leagues.

Reflectkng to the misconceptions sourunding the tournament the Chief Organizer Mc Ros clarified that the tournament isn’t politically affiliated; instead, it aims to nurture local talent and provide a platform for youth socialization.
Lions FC clinched the championship in MC Ros Christmas Cup 2023, with Alyec United securing the runners-up position in the senior league.

Mc Ros continues to call upon well-wishers to support homegrown talent in future editions of the tournament that will shape them a way in life.

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