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Mr. Atara a S.6 Leaver Seeks For UGX.12 Million For Heart Surgery.

Mr. Atara, sat for UACE from Restore Leadership High School in Amuru District last year, is suffering from renal artery stenosis and needs urgent surgery that his family cannot afford, but he remains determined to overcome this health challenge and has achieved high academic scores. He needs about UGX 12 Million for Surgery.

Mr. Innocent Atara, who sat for UACE from Restore Leadership High School, Amuru District, has been suffering from renal artery stenosis for the past three years.

This condition arises when one or more arteries carrying blood to the kidneys become narrow, resulting in inadequate oxygen supply and leading to kidney failure, doctors describing it as renal artery stenosis. Mr. Atara’s doctors have recommended immediate surgery to prevent the disease from causing further harm to his body.

Sadly, Mr. Atara’s family is unable to afford the cost of the operation, which amounts to about Shs12 million to undergo surgery at Uganda Heart Institute.

Despite this financial setback, Mr. Atara remains determined to overcome the health challenges he faces. He has already scored 11 points in Physics Economics Mathematic/ICT in the UACE exams, which is a testament to his academic abilities and resilience.

Renal artery stenosis is a medical condition where one or more arteries that are responsible for carrying blood to the kidneys become narrowed, hence reducing the amount of oxygen-rich blood that reaches the kidneys.

As a result, the kidneys aren’t able to function optimally since they require sufficient blood flow to filter waste products and eliminate excess fluids from the body.

Common causes of renal artery stenosis include a buildup of plaque within the artery walls, inflammation or scarring of the arterial walls, or the presence of abnormal tissue growth in and around the artery. If left untreated, renal artery stenosis can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney failure.

Mr. Atara’s story highlights the challenges faced by many people in Uganda who lack access to affordable healthcare services. It is sad to see young people like Mr. Atara struggling with life-threatening illnesses due to financial constraints.

If you are interested in contributing towards Mr. Atara’s medical expenses, you can reach him on 0781 518859 or call Monica Aceng on 0763-377-973. Every little bit counts, and your contribution could make a huge difference in helping Mr. Atara get the treatment he needs to live a healthy and productive life.

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