Christians in Lira Diocese Champion Environmental Conservation for Food Security

In a proactive move to address the growing concerns of climate change and its impact on food security, the Bishop of Lira Diocese, RT. Rev. Lino Sanctus Wanok, has called upon Christians in the region to take a lead in preserving the environment. The Bishop last week emphasized the need for responsible practices that protect the soil and promote environmental conservation, ultimately safeguarding agricultural production.

Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok delivered this message while officiating the handover of 105 bicycles to Community Based Animators (CBAs), urging them to set an example for farmers by applying the knowledge gained from the institution and using the bicycles efficiently.

The bicycles were provided as part of the Food Income and Livelihood Project (FILP), a five-year initiative implemented by Caritas Lira with support from Caritas Netherlands. The project targets over 5,000 households across four districts within the diocese.

Caritas Lira, the implementing body, distributed the bicycles to its CBAs to enhance the implementation of FILP. These bicycles, procured through Caritas Norway and Caritas Uganda, will aid the mobility of CBAs in monitoring and training activities crucial for combating food insecurity among smallholder farmers.

Fr Boniface Acir Acuma, the Director of Caritas Lira, highlighted the purpose of providing bicycles, stating that they are meant to help CBAs reach out to farmers effectively. He emphasized the goal of improving living standards within the community by promoting good agricultural and economic practices.

The project operates in four districts, namely Oyam, Otuke, Dokolo, and Alebtong, with 210 groups managed by CBAs. Each CBA is assigned two groups, and they serve as foot soldiers, conducting training sessions through Farmers Field School and educating households on the importance of maintaining clean surroundings.

Elizabeth Atim, a Community Based Animator from Alango Subcounty, Otuke District, expressed relief at receiving a bicycle, as it eliminates the challenges of walking long distances to reach farmers. Similarly, Charles Okwang, another CBA from Angoltok Parish, Abako Subcounty, Alebtong District, highlighted the time-saving benefits of bicycles, especially in agricultural activities.

Despite operational challenges posed by factors such as religious events, Caritas Lira remains committed to its mission. The organization, a developing wing of Lira Diocese, seeks to empower communities and improve livelihoods through sustainable agricultural and economic practices.

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