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Midland Highschool Bus Saga; Two Teachers Charged with Negligence & Students Suspended.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has confirmed that two Lubiri High School teachers have been charged with negligence and students suspended following Midland Highschool bus saga that saw students grinding.

According to latest reports, the two teachers are Joseph Nsubuga and Lydia Nabakka and have now been charged.

In a video clip that went viral, students were seen being transported on a bus that belonged to Midland High School. The group was being transported to the Agricultural Show in Jinja.

“Following legal guidance from the DPP, it was established that there was a lack of sufficient supervision by the teachers during the field trip. As a result, we are recommending to the school management the immediate suspension of students who participated in the indecent behavior,” said Fred Enanga in a statement.

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