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MC Dogo Responds to Fan’s Suggestion of Owning a Car.

MC Dogo Destiny, Northern Uganda’s popular event host, has responded to a fan who suggested that he should be driving his own car instead of riding on a motorbike.

In a post on social media, the fan had commented that “DOGO by now you should have a car”. However, MC Dogo Destiny responded with grace and humility, saying that he trusts in God’s timing.

He also pointed out that he prioritizes responsibility over luxury and highlife. He explained that he has a family at home who depend on him, and that their happiness is more important than any car or material possession.

He said, “There is a woman and son at home who cannot eat the tyre nor drink engine oil, I choose responsibility over luxury and highlife.”

MC Dogo Destiny went on to explain that he rides a customized bike that he built himself, which can carry his wife and son as he travels to meet clients.

He emphasized that what matters most is not how fast he can go or what kind of vehicle he has, but rather staying focused on his goals and putting God first.

He concluded the post by saying, “Mi en atitidi no romi”, meaning “I am content with what I have”.

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