Kwania RDC Urges Community to Unite Against Witchcraft Surge in Lango Sub-Region

The Kwania District Residence commissioner, Arikwanga Richard Noon, has issued a passionate call to action, urging community members to unite and combat the escalating rates of witchcraft in the Lango sub-region. Expressing deep concern over the situation, the commissioner revealed that many individuals posing as herbalists have been engaging in witchcraft practices, cheating innocent locals.

He says these fraudulent practitioners initially present themselves as herbalists but in the end engage in activities that run contrary to their claims.

The commissioner highlighted several alarming beliefs that have fueled the rise of witchcraft in the region, including the belief that witch doctors can secure favorable court rulings, give wealth, find love partners, recover stolen property, reunite lost loved ones, and other similar myths.

While acknowledging that witchcraft has long been a part of the region’s cultural tapestry, the commissioner stressed that the situation has grown increasingly severe. Notably, the issue isn’t confined to witch doctors alone; it also encompasses fake pastors who manipulate religion for financial gain. He noted that numerous cases related to these activities remain under investigation, further emphasizing the urgency of addressing the issue.

In his plea for action, the commissioner also called upon media houses to play a responsible role by refraining from advertising content related to witchcraft. He argued that such advertisements often deceive and manipulate individuals, leading them to fall victim to fraudulent practices.

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