Joanitah Set to Drop Dancehall/Afro Fusion Banger!

Following the spotlight and sensation of her viral back-to-back hit records (Weka, Iweka Ikoyo, and Juciru Acira) Joanitah is on the verge of unveiling her fresh groovy Dancehall/Afro fusion tune full of her aspirations for mainstream glory.

The track, which is produced by Davo Beats, Washa Records will be released this month. This masterpiece is a composite of a variety of flows and explores several engaging themes- among them partying, self-actualization, Enjoyment, work, and money.

The “West Nile Galo” is ideally positioning herself to surge in music following these latest efforts she’s putting in her career. ” I want to give the best of me to all my fans and music lovers. This next project will run the street again” Joanitah notes.

Joanitah whose real name is Biwaga Joan, has been dominating airplays and receiving unconditional love from fans and other Alur Music Lovers ever since she dropped those back-to-back projects.

“You can see these clearly in the number of streams I am getting on different digital platforms and YouTube Channel is ever growing day by day. Thanks to my fans, Alur music lovers and the Almighty God for this time in my career” She hails.

You can watch and listen to Joanitah D. Gyal’s Music on her YouTube Channel here ⤵️ ⤵️ and Subscribe for Notifications.


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