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Gov`t Plans To Peduce A-Level Subjects

Officials at the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) have announced that the number of subjects offered by students at A-Level will be reduced in the proposed curriculum under review.

The revision aims to ensure that students who are currently undertaking the new lower secondary curriculum find a new curriculum when they shift from O-Level to A-Level.

Dr. Richard Irumba, Deputy Director of Research, Consultancy, and Library Service at NCDC, stated that students would start offering two principal subjects instead of the three they are currently offering in the current curriculum.

A-Level students under the current curriculum are offering four subjects, including three principal subjects and one subsidiary subject.

Once the curriculum is approved, learners will offer only two principal subjects that are considered by higher tertiary institutions to admit students into courses of their choice.

For instance, if a student wants to undertake a course in human medicine, they can focus solely on biology and chemistry rather than adding physics or mathematics, which are not considered.

The move has been positively received by education experts who play an essential role in implementing curriculums in the country.

The Secretary-General of the Uganda National Teachers Union (Unatu), Mr Filbert Baguma, welcomed the decision, saying that this is a good move that should also be extended to students in other lower classes.

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