Felister Di Superstar Heartbroken as Deceptive Organizer Disappears with Concert Funds.

Fast rising young rapper Felister Di Superstar took to Facebook to announce the cancellation of her much-anticipated maiden concert, FELISTA FEST 2024. The event, scheduled to take place at Wankulukuku stadium on Easter Monday, was abruptly called off due to the disappearance of the person in charge, who allegedly vanished with close to 50,000,000/= meant for staging the concert.

Expressing deep sadness and disappointment, Felister shared her pain with fans, revealing the harsh reality of the Uganda music industry. She expressed gratitude to her supporters who had generously funded the concert in an effort to boost her career, only to see their efforts thwarted by the actions of a greedy individual.

In a determined message, Felister vowed not to give up on her dreams, emphasizing that the music industry is not an easy path. She promised to unveil the identity of the alleged perpetrator by sharing his photos and name on the following day, cautioning others to avoid falling into his trap.

Despite the setback, Felister remained resilient, declaring her commitment to keep fighting for her dreams, as she believes survival is for the fittest. She concluded her post with a prayer, seeking solace in the belief that a better opportunity is on the horizon, thanking her supporters and expressing faith in a brighter future.

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