APAC DISTRICT: Negligence of Children’s Education Sparks Concern in Maruzi North

Alarming reports of parental negligence in supporting their children’s education have surfaced in Maruzi North County, raising concerns among education stakeholders.

Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools in the region have been grappling with a high rate of pupil absenteeism, poor payment of school dues, and inconsistent parental involvement.

The Member of Parliament for Maruzi North County, Hon. Lamba Okello Nelson, highlighted the pressing need for collective responsibility among various stakeholders to address this issue and enhance academic performance.

Speaking at an event on Saturday, where he handed over revision questions to primary school head teachers, Hon Okello emphasized the key role of parents, teachers, learners, and others in shaping the educational landscape of the county.

The event also marked the release of results from the previous revision exams, revealing a significant improvement in performance. Notably, 30 candidates achieved top marks in Division One, sparking optimism for a brighter outcome in this year’s Primary Leaving Examinations in Maruzi North County. The improved results are seen as a testament to the potential positive impact of increased collaboration between teachers, learners, and parents.

Chegere Sub County LC5 councilor also the the secretary for health and education in Apac District, Mr. Sam Opira acknowledged the released revision examination results as an encouraging sign for the future. He emphasized that the results should serve as an eye-opener, motivating parents and other stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the educational journey of the region’s children.

The challenge of absenteeism, inadequate payment of school dues, and limited parental involvement underscores the need for a holistic approach to education. Addressing these issues requires not only the commitment of teachers and learners but also the active engagement of parents and the wider community


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