Northern Uganda

Vision Group`s Radio Rupiny Shocks Listeners as they Reportedly Terminate Mc Fabulous` Contract.

Popular radio presenter and emcee Patrick Fabby Owlit, widely known as Mc Fabulous, is out of Vision Group radio station 95.7 Radio Rupiny. The news was revealed by Mc Fabulous himself through a post on his Facebook account.

Mc Fabulous, who hosted the morning show and weekends program on the Gulu City-based radio station, expressed his gratitude to his loyal listeners in the Acholi region. He shared his appreciation for the immense love and support he received from the people of Acholi throughout his remarkable 14-year journey with Radio Rupiny.

“I’m leaving the company with some amazing memories. Goodbye, everyone! I spent 14 years with Radio Rupiny doing the morning show and weekends,” Mc Fabulous wrote in his Facebook post.

He further acknowledged the significant role his listeners played in his career, stating, “Thank you for the great love people of Acholi showed me when I first got on air. I can’t thank you enough. You will always remain the biggest joy in my heart.”

Despite the unexpected departure from Radio Rupiny, Mc Fabulous assured his fans that he would continue his passion for emceeing and event hosting. He emphasized that he would still be present in Gulu City, actively participating in various events and engagements.

According to, It’s important to note that Mc Fabulous was not the only one affected by the recent decision. Alongside him, Lucy Acii, the station’s news editor, and Apio Jane also faced termination from their positions at 95.7 Radio Rupiny.

The circumstances surrounding their departure from the radio remain undisclosed, leaving both the public and fellow colleagues curious about the reasons behind these sudden departures. No official statement has been released by 95.7 Radio Rupiny or Vision Group regarding the matter.

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