UNEB Denies Biased Grading Allegations in Primary Leaving Examination

In response to allegations of employing a biased grading system that disadvantaged candidates from specific schools or regions in the recently released Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has refuted these claims. Executive Director Dan Odongo issued a statement emphasizing the consistency and fairness of the grading system, dismissing accusations of discrimination based on regional, urban, or rural factors.

Odongo reassured the public that UNEB conducts assessments adhering to established quality assurance procedures, leading to the awarding of internationally recognized certificates. The statement comes in the wake of allegations suggesting the systematic undegrading of urban schools while favouring rural schools, fuelling political and tribal dimensions.

The controversy gained traction through a social media post alleging a discrepancy between a student’s actual scores and the awarded grades. UNEB, however, dismisses such claims, stating that accessing candidates’ scripts is highly restricted with tight security measures.

UNEB has faced similar accusations in the past, notably in 2018 and 2019, where top city schools were alleged to be undermarked. The recent claims have taken a political twist, with some asserting favouritism towards schools in ruling party strongholds.

The board maintains that it has strengthened its systems, implementing enhanced quality assurance mechanisms, including the anonymity of scripts during the marking process. The controversy is fuelled by a lack of transparency, with critics questioning UNEB’s grading system and demanding reforms in the national examination and assessment framework.


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