National News Press

Transport fares to be hiked due to high fuel prices

Players in the transport sector have threatened to increase transport fares following the skyrocketing fuel prices.

Fuel prices have been on the rise with a litre of petrol now at least shs 5280 and diesel at shs 4500.

The Government has since attributed the hike to the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

The Chairman Uganda Federation of Taxi Operators Rashid Ssekindi says they have run out of patience and will now increase the transport charges along all routes.

The Government has since been tasked to provide medium solutions to the high of living marred by high fuel and commodity prices.

The President recently said he will meet with his ruling National Resistance Movement party’s top organ—the Central Executive Committee (CEC) this week to discuss the issue of the high commodity prices.

The President also said he is aware the runaway prices “are disturbing our people.”

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