Suspect Apprehended in Tragic Murder and Robbery Case in Kole District

The territorial police command in Kole District has apprehended a suspect identified as Odongo Jasper, a 18-year-old resident of Korner village, Ilera parish, Ayer Sub-County in Kole District.

Odongo Jasper is accused of murdering Elya Silim, a 60-year-old business woman popularly know in selling eggs and robbing her of her belongings.

According to reports by the North Kyoga Police Spokesperson SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the incident occurred on August 1, 2023, at approximately 5:00 AM when Elya Silima woke up along with her workers, including Odongo Jasper. Later that day, three of the workers went to Lira City, leaving Odongo Jasper alone with the deceased.

Upon their return at around 8:30 PM, they found the house empty, and Baine Isaac, Elya Silim’s son, made a horrifying discovery – his mother had been killed inside the house, and her belongings were missing.

The fellow workers noticed that Odongo Jasper had disappeared along with his belongings where the matter was immediately reported to the Apii police post, and a case involving murder and aggravated robbery was registered.

Following a thorough investigation, the authorities successfully apprehended the suspect, Odongo Jasper, from his hiding place in Minakulu, Oyam District. He is currently detained at Kole Central Police Station.

The deceased’s body has been transported to Lira Regional Referral Hospital’s mortuary for a postmortem examination.

The police have condemned the heinous act and are fully committed to conducting a thorough investigation calling for calmness and cooperation from the relatives and members of the public affected by this tragic incident.

Among the items recovered from the suspect are a Matrix 4k New Vision LED TV screen, Techno Camon smartphone, cash amounting to Shs. 17,450,000, and various other belongings.

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