Presidential Awards Committee Warns Against Abuse of National Honours.

In a resolute move to safeguard the prestige of national honours, the Chancellor and Secretary of the Presidential Awards Committee, Hajat Zaminah Malole has issued a stern warning against individuals who may be associating themselves with unpleasant elements while receiving these esteemed accolades.

Chairperson Hajat Zaminah Malole voiced her concerns during a recent meeting with Lira District leaders on Monday. Stressing the imperative of upholding the integrity of these awards, she firmly cautioned awardees against engaging wrong acts as they are peers to the community.

During the gathering, Hajat Zaminah emphasized the necessity for active participation from Lira District leaders in the nomination process for these notable Honors and awards. She highlighted the pivotal role community leaders play in raising awareness about the significance of national honours.

Hajat Zaminah’s call for nominations extended across various sectors, highlighting the importance of recognizing contributions from areas including peace, security, culture, religion, and the private sector. The overarching aim is to commend and celebrate the contributions that these sectors make to the growth and development of the community.

During the meeting, the Lira District Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Ismael Pinto Hamwada passionately highlighted the need to recognize the efforts of youth who are driving positive change through initiatives such as job creation and renovations.

The Lira District Chairperson, Mr. RICHARD COX McORIK Okello highlighted on the belief that the award are exclusively intended for the military. He emphasized the importance of spreading awareness about the wide-ranging sectors that these awards acknowledge, in turn encouraging increased nominations from the community.

The Lira City Deputy Clerk, Lilian Ocare advocated for the localization of laws and regulations governing these awards. She emphasized the cruciality of maintaining transparency and integrity during the vetting process, while also broadening the recipient pool to cover civil servants who have made significant contributions.

National honours hold a paramount place as the highest form of recognition a citizen can attain for their dedicated service to the nation. Beyond merely celebrating excellence, these awards possess the capacity to foster innovation, creativity, and cultural diversity, thereby playing an instrumental role in the nation’s overall development.

The Presidential Awards Committee is responsible for recognizing individuals across diverse sectors who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to the community and the nation as a whole. The awards are a symbol of national pride and serve as a testament to the unwavering dedication of citizens to their country’s progress.

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