Police Commander Urges Journalists to Exercise Caution in Reporting on Ongoing Investigations

The North Kyoga Regional Police Commander, Commissioner of Police (CP) Deo Obura, highlighted the importance of responsible journalism during a stakeholders’ engagement held on Thursday at Lira City Council hall.

CP Obura cautioned journalists against discussing ongoing investigations on radios and making them public discussion, as it cripples police work and equips suspects with crucial information.

Addressing a gathering of 35 journalists from both national and local media outlets, CP Obura highlighted the harmful impact of prematurely publicizing sensitive information related to ongoing cases. He stressed that such actions hinder investigations and provide suspects with an advantage, complicating law enforcement efforts.

The event, which was supported by PLAN Uganda and Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU), aimed to bridge the gap between journalists and law enforcement officials.

During the discussion, Regional Police Spokesperson, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, emphasized the need for cooperation among journalists to enhance the accuracy of crime reporting in the region. He emphasized the importance of building a cohesive relationship between reporters and the police, which has been lacking in the past.

Michael Ojok, a reporter affiliated with Voice of Lango, welcomed the engagement, noting its timeliness in boosting professionalism among journalists. He stressed the importance of mutual respect among journalists, law enforcement officers, and the community, advocating for a collaborative approach in reporting sensitive news.

Several journalists suggested that such engagements should be held periodically to improve the working relationship between the media and the police.

CP Obura expressed his support for this suggestion, emphasizing the need for ongoing dialogue to ensure responsible reporting and effective law enforcement collaboration.

Martin Ogwang, the Programme Manager of PLAN Uganda, pledged the organization’s commitment to supporting future engagements of this nature. He confirmed that PLAN Uganda would work towards making these interactions a regular occurrence, with plans to hold the engagement biannually.

The event concluded on a positive note, with journalists and police officials expressing their commitment to working together to enhance the accuracy and responsibility of crime reporting in the North Kyoga region.


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