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Modern Mortuary Facility Project at Aduku HC4 Nears Completion.

The construction of a modern mortuary facility at Aduku HC4 in Kwania district is an important project that is nearing completion.

The project, which is funded by the Ministry of Health and being constructed by the UPDF Brigade, is expected to cost 70 million shillings upon completion. It will be equipped with modern equipment that can preserve between 8 and 10 corpses at a time.

Edward Odongo Elyek, the Kwania District Acting Engineer, has announced that the major construction work on the mortuary facility is almost complete. Although there were some delays in the execution process at the district level, especially with regard to studying the design specifications and signing the memorandum of understanding, progress on the project is now steady.

Major General Henry Masiko, the UPDF Chief Political Commissioner who is also overseeing the UPDF Engineering Brigade Project, has emphasized that the project must be perfect despite any challenges encountered during the construction process. He notes that their focus is on serving the country diligently and producing high-quality results.

Geoffrey Alex Ogwal Adyebo, the Kwania District LC5 chairperson, expressed his joy for the work being done by the UPDF at the facility, saying it is a very good project that is being pursued. He is pleased with the progress made so far and believes that the work being done will have a significant impact on the community.

In addition to constructing the modern mortuary at Aduku HC4, the UPDF Engineering Brigade is also upgrading a maternity ward at Nambieso HC3 in Nambieso sub-county.

These projects are expected to improve access to quality healthcare services and ensure that the people of Kwania district have access to the best possible facilities.

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