Lira: Law Students Rally Behind Single Mothers Abandoned by Partners

Students from the Law Development Centre (LDC) campus in Lira have taken a stand to support pregnant mothers left in the lurch by their partners. Often neglected and burdened with overwhelming responsibilities, these women find themselves abandoned as boyfriends and husbands flee after getting them pregnant denying responsibilities.

The students have pledged their assistance through the institution’s Legal Aid clinic, capable of addressing up to 30 cases monthly concerning children and mothers. This initiative aims to provide crucial aid to those enduring significant suffering due to abandonment, ensuring they receive the justice and support they deserve.

Herbert Walusimbi, the assistant Director at LDC, emphasized the difficulty of these mothers who often become single parents with numerous responsibilities upon them as partners disappear. He echoed the institution’s commitment to justice for single mothers and children, with lawyers ready to advocate for them at no cost.

This comes to lime light on sunday, 18th Feb 2024, during a charitable event at the Lira Regional Referral Hospital, the institution extended its support by providing essential items to mothers in the maternity and pediatrics wards. These included soap, sugar, smearing oil, packed milk, and toilet paper, alongside technical guidance and among others.

The institution’s` Guild president Mr. Leon Omwine urged students and youth to embrace charity and extend hope to their community. He assured that this initiative would be a regular practice, advocating for justice for women and children left vulnerable by abandonment.

Through the Legal Aid clinic, LDC is committed to providing assistance to at least 30 cases involving children and mothers each month, ensuring that no mother or child faces such challenges alone and without support.


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