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LIRA CITY: Security Guard Commited Suicide, CCTV Footage Reveals.

An update has been provided on the suspected murder of Ogolo David, a security guard employed by PSG Security Company in Lira-City.

According to North Kioga Police Spokesperson, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, further investigations revealed that the deceased took his own life (suicide) using a firearm that he had access to.

The CCTV footage from Apwoyo Distributors Ltd located along Bala Road Lira City showed that there was no foul play involved.

However, it was discovered that Ojok Charles, the supervisor at PSG Security Company, had tampered with the crime scene. He picked up the firearm used by the deceased and hid it in their office before reporting a suspected murder to the police.

As a result, Ojok has been arrested and charged for theft of exhibit and tampering with the crime scene.

Additionally, he has also been charged for providing false information to the police.

The gun has been recovered from the office of PSG Security Company, and the investigation is ongoing.


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