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Lango Leaders Accused of Seeking Personal Favors During Meetings with President Museveni

Over years, it has been seen that whenever President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni invites Lango leaders to discuss issues affecting their communities, they allegedly use the opportunity to seek personal favors. This trend has left many concerned about the state of leadership in the Lango sub-region.

According to sources, despite the President’s efforts to address community issues such as security, infrastructure development and healthcare, Lango leaders have allegedly shown little interest in these matters. Instead, they reportedly focus on begging personal favors from the President and other government officials.

This trend has also not gone unnoticed by the Isaac Otwii, NBS TV Beraue Chief Lango Sub-region , expressing his disappointment and frustration on twitter at the behavior of their leaders.

“Each time president Museveni invite Lango leaders to discuss issues affecting communities, they instead use the opportunity to beg for personal favours. Sad!” Isaac Otwii on twitter.

Although Otwii did not explicitly mention the leader’s name, it appears that our snoops is working hard to uncover this information. He however emphasized the importance of prioritizing the needs of the community over personal desires for leaders.

Many have always called for a change in leadership, stating that individuals who prioritize their personal interests over those of their community have no place in positions of power but there has always been not change.

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