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Gov’t To Relocate 305 Families Before Floods Get Them

The government of Uganda is taking proactive measures to protect citizens living in landslide-prone areas from the expected floods this rainy season.

The government plans to relocate up to 307 households in Bugisu region under the Bulambuli resettlement programme, benefiting up to 7,200 people.

Davinia Anyakuni, the state minister for relief, disaster preparedness and refugees, noted that flooding and waterlogging are expected in low-lying areas and on mountain slopes due to the ongoing rain season. She outlined potential disaster impacts, including landslides, mudslides, soil erosion, hailstorms, crop pests and diseases, and an increased likelihood of water-related disease.

To mitigate these effects, the government has implemented several measures, including direct money transfers to landslide victims in the Mt Elgon region, known as “Give Direct.” The government has also constructed 305 houses into which the victims will be relocated next month.

Uganda typically experiences landslides during rainy seasons, particularly in low-lying areas and mountain slopes, such as those of Mount Elgon in the east and Rwenzori in the west.

Reports indicate that floods in July 2022 caused 29 deaths, damaged 4,000 houses, and displaced 5,600 people in the mountain Elgon region. In the Rwenzori mountains, three people died, 37 were displaced, and eight houses were destroyed in September last year.


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