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Give More Tithe Or We Shall Accept Good Money From Homosexuals – Bishop David Kiganda of Christianity Focus Ministries.

The founder and senior pastor of Christianity Focus Centre Church, Mengo Kisenyi, Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda, has urged the faithful to support the church financially or refrain from telling the church to take the lead in the fight against homosexuality.

In a video that quickly became popular on social media, Kiganda advised those opposed to homosexuality to support the church rather than have it pleading for donations from gays.

“If you do not want homosexuality here yet you do not give to the church, then you are a traitor and liar. If you do not want the church to beg for money from homosexuals, give us more offertory to do God’s work,” Kiganda said.

He asserted that those who engage in a verbal battle against homosexuality rather than contributing to the church are wasting their time.

In 2014 Ugandan lawmakers passed a bill that called for life in prison for people caught having gay sex, although a court later struck down the law.

However, on Thursday, parliament re-tabled the bill with proposals for tough new penalties for same-sex relations

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