Parliament Approves Shs4.4 Trillion Supplementary Budget

Parliament has approved a supplementary request of Shs4.4 trillion to cover additional expenses in the 2021/2022 fiscal year giving a green light for a supplementary request.

The Finance Ministry presented the Supplementary Appropriation Bill on May 10, seeking extra funds to address unforeseen expenses in the fiscal year.

Following the referral of the request to the Budget Committee by Speaker Anita Among, the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi, recommended the approval of the supplementary request during plenary on May 16.

“The committee noted that the Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2023, captured a total of Shs4.4 trillion, with Shs2.5 trillion allocated to recurrent expenditure and Shs1.9 trillion for Development Expenditure,” Mudimi, also Elgon County MP, stated.

The supplementary request includes a total of Shs4.4 trillion, with Shs2.5 trillion allocated to recurrent expenditure and Shs1.9 trillion for development expenditure. The funds will be sourced from the Consolidated Fund under the Public Finance Management Act 2015 and designated for use during the first and second quarters of the fiscal year.

While the majority of the proposed budget was approved, there was an attempt by the minority report to reduce the budget by Shs108 billion allocated to the trade ministry (vote 105) meant for the purchase of equipment to be leased to Atiak Sugar Works. However, the House did not approve the proposed reduction.

Under the recurrent expenditure category, the defence ministry, the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (land and air forces) will receive Shs620 billion, State House will be allocated Shs193 billion for salaries, wages, and other expenditures.

The education ministry will receive Shs50 billion for salaries, while the health ministry will be allocated Shs134 billion. Additionally, the Electoral Commission will receive Shs35 billion for salaries, and Treasury Operations will receive Shs228 billion for salaries, wages, and other expenses.


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